Case Study: The Everyday Anthem’s Album Art Design Process

Recently I had the opportunity of working with a great up-and-coming band called The Everyday Anthem. The Everyday Anthem is hardworking pop-rock quintet from Atlanta, Georgia, for fans of All Time Low, Hit The Lights, and Boys Like Girls. Their newest release and debut full length album “Nobodies” was produced by All Time Low’s Rian Dawson at his studio in Nashville, TN. Nobodies debuted on March 24th, and the hit single “Wish You Well” premiered on Alternative Press.

I had the pleasure of designing the album artwork for “Nobodies” as well as The Everyday Anthem’s new logo. We decided on the vision of making the album artwork photo-centric in the vein of the early 2000s pop rock aesthetic. Pulling inspiration from albums such as Hit The Light’s iconic “Skip School, Start Fights”. Sonically the band was a perfect fit for this visual style, and it’s awesome to work with musicians that understand how to market their sound and brand into a unique and marketable look.

The Everyday Anthem supplied me with a selection of high quality, professionally taken promo photos to choose from. We came up with the gameplan for how to pull the concept together, and we executed on it. Here’s a quick process video, giving you a behind the scenes look on how I created the album artwork.

Ultimately, both the band and I were ecstatic with the finished product. As a designer I felt like we gave a tasteful homage to the pop rock bands that paved the way for current aspiring artists. More importantly the band had a professionally polished album cover which perfectly fit their sound and spoke directly to their fans and prospective listeners.

If you’re into bands like All Time Low and Boys Like Girls please give The Everyday Anthem a listen, and check out their debut full length album “Nobodies” on iTunes.

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"Nobodies" the debut full length album from The Everyday Anthem

"Nobodies" the debut full length album from The Everyday Anthem