Band Promotion - Five Effective Ways To Promote Your Music

1. Social Media
There are so many bands that end up falling short of their goals because they don’t learn how to promote their band on social media. One of the biggest issues I’ve noticed is that bands fail to develop a content strategy across their social media channels. People use social media every day because they want to consume content. You don’t need to be a social media guru to know that posting memes is a great way to get likes and attention to your band page. I can’t stress how important it is to keep your fans engaged. How do you expect them to follow you around if you post one update to your profile every 6 months? They start to forget about you and move on. By having a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube channel, you can cross promote all of your content to make sure that your music can be found. All of your profiles should include links to your Bandcamp page so it’s as simple as possible to find your music. You can also directly interact with fans by asking them to engage with you and share your work.

Facebook groups are one of the best ways to share your music with people that are always looking for the newest and upcoming talent. One of the best Facebook groups I’ve come across is the New York Band Promotion Group. This group has done an incredible job of putting together a community of over 10,000 passionate fans that are always promoting and sharing each other’s music. Groups like these have rules that help space out the posting between all members, ensuring that each band gets a fair amount of exposure. The members of these groups are often willing to share their experiences touring and marketing their band. These groups can also help you find a new band mate on short notice. There has never been a better time to jump into Facebook groups! Just be sure not to spam them every single day.


2. Music Blog Outreach
There are many blogs and online magazines that are always willing to help indie bands that are looking for more exposure for their music. Keep in mind that these music blogs are constantly receiving e-mails from bands that are looking for free promotion. You need to make sure that your inquiry stands out from the hundreds of requests for free reviews that they receive. This can be done with an eye catching press kit or a free download of your EP. This makes it easier for the blogger to hear your music, and it is more likely that they would be willing to share it on their website. Remember to be professional. If your email has grammatical errors, typos, missing information, run on sentences, or is written in ALL CAPS you can pretty much guarantee it will end up in the trash folder. If a music blog decides to share your music to their readers, you should write a simple follow up e-mail to thank them for appreciating your music. Going the extra mile to show that you care can lead to an everlasting relationship with these blogs.

3. Networking at Local Shows
You can’t expect to build a following if you don’t go out and perform. Not only is it important to perform, but it is also important to support your local music scene. Get there for the first band, and stay until the end of the show. Talk to people, bring merchandise, hand out demos, anything you can do to start a conversation. Networking amongst your local community is a great way to make new contacts and link up. Band members are often willing to work together for cross promotion and swap shows. This is one of the best way to interact with new people and potentially new fans. Creating relationships with new bands can potentially lead to new gigs or opportunities to learn from bands that may have more success than yours.

4. Giveaways
Everyone loves free stuff. I can’t stress how effective giveaways can be if you do them correctly. You can set up a small table or booth at a local event or music store.  Giving away a piece of band merch is an easy way to turn someone who may not have heard of you before into a lifelong fan. It takes a minimal investment to give away one t-shirt or CD, but the return on that investment can be huge. You can’t put a monetary value on a lifelong fan of your music. Every musician knows that you can’t put a price on a passionate fan that is constantly sharing and supporting your music. It can also help to have a compelling apparel design that connects with your audience.

5. Advertising
With technology and social media being dominant in our everyday lives, one way that often gets over looked for band promotion is handing out fliers and stickers. Fliers and stickers are simple, cheap, and effective in gaining brand recognition amongst your audience. It’s important to consider where you place your handouts so your investment doesn’t go to waste. Chances are, nobody at your little cousins’ football game is interested in finding out when your band’s next performance is, but people that shop at your local music store or bar might be. If you’re trying to advance your music career, at the end of the day your art becomes a product, and your band is your brand. It’s all about positioning your product and knowing where your audience is. Knowing where your audience likes to hangs out allows you to capitalize on your investment and bring more attention to your band.

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