How Graphic Design Can Add Value To Your Brand

In order for a brand to achieve and sustain success, whether it be a business or a public figure, it needs to understand how to continuously sell itself to its target market. Having a professional brand identity allows consumers to visualize your brand’s core values and beliefs. First impressions are everything, so having a logo that captures the consumer's’ attention is essential…

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Band Promotion - Five Effective Ways To Promote Your Music

There are so many bands that end up falling short of their goals because they don’t learn how to promote their band on social media. One of the biggest issues I’ve noticed is that bands fail to develop a content strategy across their social media channels. People use social media every day because they want to consume content. You don’t need to be a social media guru…

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Oblique Strategies 02: Think Of The Radio

Growing up in the age of the Walkman, I didn’t have much of a personal relationship with the radio. When I think of the term “radio” I always picture a golden age, way before my time filled with antiquated broadcasting equipment, and fast talking announcers. The radio always seemed so unique yet ethereal to me. So in this week’s entry I set out to…

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Nicolas DePalo