How Graphic Design Can Add Value To Your Brand

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In order for a brand to achieve and sustain success, whether it be a business or a public figure, it needs to understand how to continuously sell itself to its target market. Having a professional brand identity allows consumers to visualize your brand’s core values and beliefs. First impressions are everything, so having a logo that captures the consumer's’ attention is essential. Having a good logo design is just one small step of the process. There are several other ways to create brand synergy, such as promoting your brand with business cards, websites, flyers, and merchandise. In order for these marketing mediums to be successful, it is important to hire a graphic designer that understands your brand's needs and can create compelling visuals that will compliment your brand and attract new business. Designers are able to bridge the gap between business owners and potential consumers through visual communication, something often overlooked by most business owners.

Finding the right graphic designer can often be a challenge for those who are shopping around for the first time. I’ve seen so many people turn to freelancing websites such as fiverr to get their logos created. Once they receive the finished product (something that often looks like clipart from Microsoft Paint) they become frustrated with graphic design and believe that it isn’t an avenue worth investing in. They then proceed to conduct business with their unprofessional graphics while their competitors are using all of the latest digital marketing tactics out there to gain a competitive advantage.

Part of being a memorable brand includes having an unforgettable logo that is easily recognizable. A good graphic designer is able to create a professional design for you using industry standard software such as Adobe’s Illustrator or Photoshop. A great graphic designer will go the extra mile and take the time to communicate with you throughout the entire process and ask you the right questions, in order to further understand your target market and the values you wish to convey to your consumers. Communication is a critical element in creating a memorable brand. The more details you provide to your graphic designer, the easier the job becomes for them to create EXACTLY what you want. This is how unique and memorable brands are created.  Upon completion, a professional graphic designer will always make sure to include ALL of the source files for your design work, ensuring that your brand is always represented consistently in the highest quality and clarity.

So now you’ve got your logo design, but only slapping your logo on merchandise simply won’t suffice. Did you know that website design can help increase your online conversions? Whether you have a product or a service to sell, there are always people searching for reviews and information before they invest their hard-earned cash. Having a modern web design that captures the attention of searchers is more likely to convert into a sale, resulting in more profits for you. A combination of great content and professional graphics create trust and authority for a brand. People are more likely to invest in a brand or message that they trust. You can also start a blog and create case studies that show why working with you will create value for your present and future customers.  

When it comes to communicating with your audience, graphic design and marketing help create unity between your brand and the messages you want to communicate. Empirical Designs has been providing our clients with professional NYC graphic design services that have helped our partners excel in their respective fields. You can read some of our testimonials by clicking here.