What Makes a Good Logo Design?

A logo design is a visual representation of your brand's core values and messaging. There are several different types of logo designs including symbols, icons, mascots, lettermarks, and wordmarks. 

Not only is a logo the face of your company, but it’s also the core of your entire branding efforts. You want a logo that looks great on letterheads, stationery, brochures, flyers, social media and anywhere on the web. A versatile logo is key for a successful branding campaign.

If you want to make your brand a memorable one, you need to start off with a great logo design. Your logo is the first impression of your business. Whether a customer drives by your shop or comes across your business page on social media, you want to make sure you capture their attention to get them interested in your products or service. 


What are the elements of a good logo design?

A good logo design is simple and straight to the point. When a logo is easy to understand, it allows you to establish a real brand identity that’s trustworthy and memorable. Not all customers will convert on your first interaction, which is why having a good logo can be so powerful. It’s much easier to recognize a quality logo that stands out. It becomes something we remember and think back to, which builds your brand awareness.


A good logo is always appropriate for the client.

The first thing any designer will consider when designing a brand identity is who the client is and what aesthetics fits the client’s message. Logos that are out of place and don’t represent their company in the best light, stick out like a sore thumb, even when they’re designed in an appealing way. The most important thing is to understand who the client is, what the client does/sells/etc., and who their target audience / customer base is. After you’re able to nail down those core attributes, you can narrow down the kinds of looks that will fit the brand and which won’t. 


A good logo is always simple.

When I analyze a logo I’m designing, I always stick to these three guiding principles:
- The logo has to look good printed very small.
- The logo has to look good in black and white.
- The logo has to look good from a distance.

It’s important to keep a logo design as simple as possible. Any extra noise or details are detracting from the striking impression that a simple but perfectly executed logo instills in its audience. Keep designs modest in detail and extra information, but intricate in concept, thought, and planning is the key.


A good logo is always impactful.

Design with the goal of leaving a lasting impression. Try to accomplish something new with each design. In 2018, it’s easier than ever to pull up mood boards and design inspiration and pick and choose bits and pieces of how to create something new. Often this leads to a lesser-finished product, one that will probably lack character and originally. Instead, truly focus on the client and their message. Find the strings that connect them to their audience, and be a silent carrier that delivers their message. Instead of leaving your mark or signature aesthetic on a brand identity, ensure that your leaving the clients intended impression. Create something striking, bold, and meaningful, otherwise, the logo will just get lost in the digital sea all other designers are searching through for inspiration.


A good logo is always memorable.

Remember when you discovered the arrow in the FedEx logo? What about when you realized the Amazon logo’s arrow went from A - Z. These memorable hidden gems leave their audience with a lasting impression. Aim to create something memorable, unique, out of the box, but simple and emblematic of the brand that the logo represents.


A good logo is always timeless.

Don’t aim to create a logo that’ll get you a bunch of Instagram likes in 2018. Create a logo that’s meant to stand the test of time and look great in 3018. Okay maybe that’s a bit too far in the future to know how things will hold up, but your goal should be a timeless finished product that isn’t constrained by a moment or a trend but will truly serve as a great symbol of your brand at any point in history.

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