Why Your Business Needs To Consider a Website Redesign

Re-designing your website can be a critical and pricey undertaking and the truth is that this isn't a decision you can make on a whim. When your clients or customers are so used to your online store's appearance and features then it impacts your business' sales. But should you risk changing this dynamic and rock the boat with a website re-design?

Your online site is commonly updated with content, product offerings, photos or graphics, right? But there will come a time when a complete re-design might be necessary, and here are some of the reasons your business could benefit from the overhaul.


1. Your Website Looks Outdated.

Does your site still carry Flash images? Is your blog still riddled with colorful amateur graphics? Trends in any design area change every few years and if your site has had the same look for the last five years then emerging technologies and trends could leave you in the dust. If your competitors are keeping up with modern design trends, you need to make sure you’re doing the same. Websites built several years ago weren’t designed with SEO in mind.


2. Your Website Lacks Mobile Functionality.

These days, a good website needs to complement mobile interfaces as many internet users prefer to go online using their smartphones and tablets instead of their laptops or desktops. Is your website optimized for mobile functionality? Avoid having duplicate versions of your website. Just think of how many mobile users you're turning away from your business if your website hasn't been optimized for mobile functionality.


3. Your Website Loads Slowly.

Some elements of your current website design could be affecting the way your site page load. Ideally, it should take about two seconds for a site to completely open when a user clicks on your page. According to a marketing survey, at least 53 percent of online users apparently can't wait beyond two seconds for a site to load. Your online business could lose leads or sales if this is the case, hence you must change your website's current design structure to ensure that your site loads within peoples expectations. 


4. Your Website Creates A Poor User Experience.

User experience is an important element of any website and if the features aren't working or too confusing to navigate, then you could drive visitors away, too. If you have a good web design, your visitors can easily find what they need from your site without any unnecessary navigation. The longer it takes for users to find what they’re looking for, the less likely it is that they’ll return in the future.

Take a look at your website and evaluate its features -- Are your products properly categorized with unique content? Do you have a news page they can follow for updates? Do you have share buttons for your products and blog posts for social media? Does each page have a clear CTA? If your site does not have any of these, then you really need to consider planning a re-design now.


5. Your Website Is Not Converting Visitors Into Leads.

The reason you have set up an online business is to generate income from it. Your website is a tool that should be helping your business grow and make money. If your website isn't converting visitors to sales or leads, or if you’re not getting as much visitors as you’ve hoped, then your current web design could be causing the problem. You'll need to analyze and review specific metrics of your site and plan out a new design that will be more aligned to your current goals & objectives. Perhaps your re-design would incorporate better call-to-action across every page, as you need to take full advantage of this real estate.   


6. Your Website Is Not 100% Secure.

Web design updates don't just pertain to the look, appearance, and function, it must also cover your site's security and lessen its vulnerability to threats. If your website was established several years ago and you haven't done anything to update the security, then you're putting your business and your clients at risk for hacking and malware attacks. Google Chrome will start telling users that your domain is "unsecure" starting in October. Installing an SSL certificate helps add trust and authority to your brand.


7. Your Website Lacks Features That Give You Flexibility & Control.

Depending on which content management system your website is built on, you could be limited to some basic features that older websites will surely lack.

You might need additional features that will give you better control of how you manage your content and a re-design could incorporate these new features. For instance, you might want to be able to update your website layout or add new blog categories without re-vamping your entire layout. Content management systems such as Squarespace and Wordpress allow you to manage your website as you please. 


8. Your Website Lacks A Good Content Marketing Strategy.

You shouldn’t expect to receive any traffic if you’re still sporting a digital billboard website. You can’t get by with generic 400-word blog posts that no one will read. You need to offer value to your visitors by offering information for free. You can use a pop-up that invites the user to sign up to your e-mail list in exchange for a discount on your services. 


9. Your Website Needs To Match Your Branding.

A website definitely needs to be re-designed if your business has rebranded and changed focus. Your online store should reflect and align with the company's new brand identity and goals. Additionally, if you’ve expanded your services or product lines then re-designing your website will also help show your visitors you have more products or services to offer. 

While it’s true that a website redesign can be a major undertaking, you have to remember that it’s also important for your business to maximize your website as a tool. Think of a website re-design as a business investment or an expansion that will eventually bring in more customers and revenues. 

Businesses that thrive in the online world need to capitalize and adapt to changes. Marketing is a process that is always evolving, so you want to make sure you keep up with the current trends that bring in the most engagement and conversions.


Is your business in need of a new web design? 

If you’re still unsure about making the decision to redesign your website, then you should consider a consulting session with a New York web design company. Empirical Designs offers a FREE consultation for business owners in need of web design services.