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How Graphic Design Can Add Value To Your Brand

In order for a brand to achieve and sustain success, whether it be a business or a public figure, it needs to understand how to continuously sell itself to its target market. Having a professional brand identity allows consumers to visualize your brand’s core values and beliefs. First impressions are everything, so having a logo that captures the consumer's’ attention is essential…

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Case Study: The Everyday Anthem’s Album Art Design Process

Recently I had the opportunity of working with a great up-and-coming band called The Everyday Anthem. The Everyday Anthem is hardworking pop-rock quintet from Atlanta, Georgia, for fans of All Time Low, Hit The Lights, and Boys Like Girls. Their newest release and debut full length album “Nobodies” was produced by All Time Low’s…

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The Truth About Cheap Logo Design

A logo is the single most important aspect of a brand.  It is a graphic representation of your business that helps visually connect your brand to your audience. A logo is intended to represent the face of a company, and it’s supposed to be unique enough to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Everyone knows that first impressions are everything, and a logo is your clients first impression…

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