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[ Infographic ] Signs That It's Time To Update Your Website

Your website is an asset for your business that should be bringing in new leads. If customers aren’t finding you on the web, it could be a sign that it’s time to update your website with a redesign. Empirical Designs put together this infographic to show you how your web design could be affecting your rankings. An outdated website could be turning clients away from you…

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Why Your Business Needs To Consider a Website Redesign

Re-designing your website can be a critical and pricey undertaking and the truth is that this isn't a decision you can make on a whim. When your clients or customers are so used to your online store's appearance and features then it impacts your business' sales. But should you risk changing this dynamic and rock the boat with a website redesign? There will come a time when…

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How Graphic Design Can Add Value To Your Brand

In order for a brand to achieve and sustain success, whether it be a business or a public figure, it needs to understand how to continuously sell itself to its target market. Having a professional brand identity allows consumers to visualize your brand’s core values and beliefs. First impressions are everything, so having a logo that captures the consumer's’ attention is essential…

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